We are dedicated to working with juvenile offenders, their families, victims and the community by utilizing balanced, evidence-based justice principles to build competency, reduce recidivism, restore victims and protect the community.
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About Us

United Youth Community Services provides a range of programs for at-risk youth. Primarily serving individuals referred by county juvenile probation departments, United Youth offers a rich array of unique services designed to help youth develop core competencies.

Delinquent youth learn the need for accountability and community protection, and develop a balanced and restorative concept of justice to inspire a crime-free life. These exercises help identify the triggers which provoke actions that result in youth detention or incarceration, and offer ways to curtail these actions and prevent re-offending in the future.

Our Services

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Core Competency development subjects

Decision Making

A critical component of healthy living, decisions reflect values, personality, character – and often, the influence of friends. Decision-making can be particularly difficult when re-entering society. A wrong decision can be life-altering. This module guides participants to take responsibility for their actions, and to reject the influence of friends making poor choices.

Anger Management

Decisions and actions made in anger can have a devastating impact on someone’s future. In this module, United Youth helps at-risk youth to identify the triggers that spark an angry response, and teaches them how to channel their emotional energy to achieve positive, productive results.

Victim Awareness

When a person commits a crime against others, instilling empathy for their victims' trauma is the first step to minimizing the triggers. Victim Awareness is about taking responsibility for their actions, and choosing to live right. Through discussion, films and writing assignments, this module help offenders to grasp a victim’s perspective, and to rectify the situation.

Drug / Alcohol

How do drugs and alcohol erode confidence and lead to life choices that result in incarceration? Through a series of interventions that demonstrate addictive behaviors, participants learn to identify the thoughts, patterns and cues that drive illegal behavior. This module helps at-risk youth to work through the social, environmental and other issues that contribute to substance abuse and addiction.

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